Profile :: Nawaz  Modi Singhania
Nawaz Singhania, a young, talented artist from Mumbai paints for many reasons.Nawas finds it very therapeutic’a great platform of expression, communication & a creative out let. The artist  found herself inclined towards art since a very young age ,although she started painting regularly since the past five years. Her works mostly deal around the dynamic theme of speed. Vibrant colors ,use of knife ,bold straight strokes ,all form a part of her technique and style. subjects like galloping horses, swirl of a dancer, a horse race jockey speeding are the artists favourite subjects. Her figures always very graceful and elegant…maybe due to the artists passion for fitness. Nawas”s forthcoming show with Chawla Art Gallery will have around fifteen works. Her theme shall remain” speed” although the artist continuously finds herself evolving .Her shows are always planned and works created specially for the particular exhibition.however,putting a price to one’s work generates a worthiness that the artist needs to establish, feels Nawaz. The artist always found herself fascinated with works of masters …like AR Chugtai:s drawings, Bose Krishnamacharis sense of color and fluidity to name a few .How ever Nawaz”s style is her own and unique will be seen in her forthcoming solo exhibition The artist has had successful solo’s in prestigious outlets in Mumbai .This will be her first solo exhibition in Delhi.